Mandarin Pepper Sauce

Pepper sauce is the best companion to a rare steak. Fruit also works wonders. Combining the sweet citrus taste and spicy pepper turned out to be an awesome idea.

The sauce starts with a simple bechamel base:

– 250 ml milk
– 2 spoons flour
– 2 spoons oil

Heat  the oil and stir in the flour to make roux. Add the milk and bring to a boil stirring regularly. Keep heating and stirring until desired consistency. Reduce heat to minimum and continue stirring at regular intervals.

In a separate bowl mix the juice from 3-4 mandarines with 1 spoon honey, add the mix to the sauce and continue stirring. Add black peppers, and continue stirring.

the result was a sweet/sour sauce with a crazy uppercut.  would probably taste better if the peppers were infused into some water, and adding the water to the sauce instead of the raw peppers. Remove some of the spicy uppercut and get a slightly more homogeneous taste.