The best tools for Perl development

I was recently asked what my top 10 tools for Perl development are.

In a very particular order:

  1. Geany
    Geany has the capacity to run Perl scripts from within, allowing for easy testing. Geany’s default settings make very easy to start coding, and far less tiresome than gEdit or SciTE.
  2. PerlMonks
    I regularly visit PerlMonks to see the kind of problems other people are having (and learning from that).  Moreover, if anything is casing problems, the response time is incredibly fast.
  3. perldoc
    Both in the command line as well as the online version, Perldoc explains functions really well. Very useful when finding new syntax.
  4. DropBox
    Using DropBox  saved me from losing all of my previous code snippets (a.k.a. useless code) when my HDD fried. I wish I had done a systematic rsync, but this was almost as good.
  5. Books
    Perl CookBook, Programming Perl and Learning Perl.
  6. CrunchBang
    CrunchBang is a Debian based Linux distribution. It is beautiful, elegant and like geany, comes with the default settings maxed to awesome.
  7. A decent keyboard.
    Getting a comfortable keyboard makes spending hours in front of it so much less tiring. Same goes to getting a decent screen, but the screen doesn’t affect your arms… that much

I don’t use git, as my code tends to be fairly simple to use (and short). Currently on the 3rd module of the O’Reilly Perl certificate, I may end up doing the sysadmin certification later on.