Colombia 2013- hindsight

Bogotá’s cultural centre is highly concentrated around La Candelaria.  There are several museums as well as important buildings in that neighbourhood. The Gold Museum has very interesting temporal expositions, and the permanent expositions show how the ancient civilisations lived there. Free guided tours every hour (every 30 minutes, but 1 out of 2 is in spanish, the other in english).

The Traditional Clothing museum, is in the Casa de Manuelita Saenz and shows both magnificent traditional clothes as well as spanish architecture. The military museum on the other hand was disappointing, as it felt as a mere weapons exposition (with only some having their name displayed) . You can however see the Colonial museum, home mainly to paintings and a little history on the methods used for some of these.

There seems to have been a RudeBoy movement sometime in the past couple of years, which is mainly noticeable through the large amount of SHARP graffiti.

It was a very nice trip, and I hope to return again to finish visiting the many places I missed out on.