Broccoli cream

Through inexplicable means I came accross a recipe for broccoli cream, however this recipe didn’t have nearly enough broccoli.

So I cooked up some more broccoli, and out came this onctuous cream of a soup. with 0% salt (ok, that’s a lie).

Serves 8


– 6 Broccolis
– 2.5 dl cream
– 1lt vegetable stock
– minced onions
– oil


Steps to reproduce:

– light-brown the onions in the oil
– add the vegetable stock and bring to a boil
– add roughly half of the broccoli (cut into the smallest chunks you can) to the stock, and leave for 10 minutes.
– [meanwhile] cook the rest of the broccoli in 1lt water (or more water if need be)

-Once the 10 minutes are up, slowly take the broccoli from the stock out, along with the onions and some liquid, and blend.
– Take the broccoli from the second pot, reserve ~3 chunks per serving, and add the rest to the blender (and throw out the water).
– add the cream to the second broccoli serving and continue blending.
– add the broccoli-cream mix to the broccoli-stock mix and stir
– add water / let dry according to taste

serve and garnish with the spare broccolis.