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100 Days of Code – Week 3 (CODE JAM)

Week 3: (90 days to go)

Saturday and Sunday continued building knowledge on how to build an API as this is the only known element for the jam.

MONDAY: Jam is on. Goal is to create an API for Norse Mythology. Trying to get some code in during the day, but very difficult, commits this week will mainly be over on the code-jam repo.

This week has been moderately productive. The 2 days were I could have pushed forward with a lot of content I was away on training. Lots of learning was involved and I was teamed up with some excellent people. Still need to learn some more best practices for git, possibly create an alias for git add / git commit.

Saturday: Finished my side of the API for the code jam. Nothing fancy, not quite happy with how it currently works but with limited time it will have to be a stepping stone. Look forward to seeing how my teammates cipher element works.

Sunday: The jam is now over. Not going to be looking for a new challenge straight away, rather continue working on my Winecell’R project which is still missing… well, a lot of elements. First point of business for that will be to add the requirements, tox.ini etc. files from the code jam, in order to insure PEP8 compliance.

The code jam was very interesting and I really enjoyed the creative liberty given by the organisers. While I wish the end-product was nicer/bigger/more complete, Python is not the main language for any of the team members, and of the 3, 2 of us rarely produce code. Being able to work collaboratively in a short time-span allowed us to see how elements work, attempt some TDD and incorporate some AGILE methodology.

100 Days of code – Weeks 1&2 (Days 1-10)

Week 1:

The week started on a wednesday, an hour of Python figuring out some input/output elements. Slightly unsuccessful for the task, but after verifying with some colleagues I was barking up the wrong tree.

Thursday I was unable to spend an hour coding due to work constraints. This was replaced with some reading on the commute to-and-from work involving a quick refresher on basics.

Friday, 1 hour on the Code of Kutulu challenge. 1 Hour was clearly not enough but I think I am now grasping how it works. I should be able to write some functions tomorrow.

Week 2: (97 days to go)

Saturday spend some time working on the Code of Kutulu challenge. Ranked up one league, but finding the closest explroer and moving to that object is not enough to outlast the rest of the AI. Going to need to figure out how to use the given map as a way to find a scaperoute and move away from the incoming wanderers. Attempted refactoring to perl, but not very succesful.

Sunday attempted to refactor the perl code but clearly I need to work on that after a couple years of little practice with the language. Returned to python and the decision algorithm seems to be working. Definitely not pretty though. Need to start using a path analysis algortithm to move away from the wanderers.

Monday refactored the code so that the decision algorithm is in a function rather than hardcoded, this allows to test different strategies without losing either one of them. Added the ability to read the map and find spawn points of the wonderers. Idea is to the use this to send the bot to a different area.

Tuesday corrected the conditions for the explorer to plan. Survived a bit longer, but not by much more. Should probably not be hard coded, but unsure of what to base this on.

Wednesday Added the axis control. If a wanderer is on the same axis as the explorer, explorer will try running in the opposite direction as far as possible.

Thursday, Friday Following a hectic week I took these 2 days to be ‘computer-less’. Started reading up on FLASK and REST for the code jam starting on Monday.


The Code Kututlu challenge was interesting. Given more time I would have invested it into fine-tuning the decider function so that it would take into account more elements, allowing it to possibly better decide in which direction to go.


100 Days of code challenge

In the coming days I will be participating with classmates on a couple of group coding challenges with the topics of  AI and web development. The goal being to challenge what we already know and learn to work with new technologies.

First comes the Code of Kutulu contest which involves developing some AI and then the Python Discord Code Jam which consists of wed technologies and APIs. My goal with the 100daysofcode challenge is to practice learnt skills and hopefully become better at all this and of course become more proficient with the different languages.

I will be attempting to update here on a weekly basis stating what changed and ideally some sort of md file on gitlab to track daily progress. For today, it will be a simple challenge over on codingame.