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Isla de los Micos

Isla de los Micos, litteraly ‘Monkey Island’, ¬†was created in the 60’s by Mike Tsalikys as a place for the monkeys and other reptiles to freely reproduce.

Very peculiar experience. The monkeys all weigh under 1Kg, and although the are all going to eat, they do nothing to attack humans. (I can only imagine holding a steak in front of a pack of hungry wolves).


After finishing my practical service as Qm Sargeant, I took a couple weeks leave to visit some more exotic places. First stop was the Amazon, more specifically, Leticia.

Leticia alone is not such a special place, very similar to other Colombian cities next to large bodies of water (Sta. Marta, Baranquilla, Cartagena) but is very different in the amount of vegetation surrounding it. ¬†Arriving by plane at LEticia, feels like you’re arriving someplace where mutated broccoli became gigantic.

It was a wonderful experience, the indigenous people are extremely kind, and the three bordering countries have a ‘no borders for tourism’ policy wich makes visiting this area that much easier/interesting/exotic.

Defiitely a place I hope to visit once again, hopefully for a longer duration than this visit.