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The Boat that Rocked

A couple years after the movie’s publication, I got round to watching it.To say it was an awesome experience would be far from giving the movie enough credit.  There have been movies about rock music before [School of Rock, Spinal Tap, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School…]  and there will (hopefully) continue to be.

The film unravels not one, but 2 plots. On the one hand, the fight between Radio Rock and “the Man”, and on the other the ambiguous definition of relationships from the 60’s and their drug abusing communities. The movie keeps that to a minimum and only makes the reference once.

Not only was the movie entertaining, it reminded me of the power of real music. Lennon’s Imagine, Van Halen’s Jump, so many tracks from past decades that truly emit a message. The Clash, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and so many others, that sang songs of revolution and unity. Some of which are still in taste today, such as Sham 69’s awesome Full Article.

Google helped me find this gem, and while the albums there are only the reflection of the screenwriters’ opinions /etc.etc., many remind of times when music was created by a band in a garage, not by some guy with a computer. Well, enjoy this album.